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Car Hire At Barcelona Airport


You will find the rental companies for car hire at Barcelona airport in both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. The Car hire company in Terminal 2 is only in building T2B. Each of these companies is right next door to each other so you can be sure of cheap car rental prices. You can try arranging your car rental directly with the companies but often internet based reservation services can give you a better price as they have negotiated discounts for bulk reservations.

Tel: +34 93 298 3637

Tel: +34 90 210 8495

National Atesa
Tel: +34 93 521 9095

Tel: +34 90 210 5055 (T1 and T2)


Things to remember when hiring your car

If you are planning to cover long distances in your rental car, this may affect the amount that you pay. Car rental companies in Spain often provide a mileage limit when you pick up the car. If you go over the amount of miles allocated to you, you will have to pay a surcharge for this. Sometimes the mileage limit is not particularly high, so there is a fair possibility that you will exceed it. Therefore, it is worth checking with the car rental company what the mileage limit is on the particular vehicle that you are renting.

There is no road tax in Spain - instead, there are toll booths along all of the motorways. This may prove to be an additional expense during your holiday - particularly if you will be travelling long distances and avoiding 'scenic routes'. This may affect your decision as to whether to rent a car rather than using public transport to get around Catalunya or Spain.

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